Breed Specific Legislation
Regulate the Deed - Not the Breed

You NEED to know that various jurisdictions in Canada have either enacted breed specific legislation (BSL) or are proposing enacting legislation that SPECIFICALLY names Rhodesian Ridgebacks as a restricted breed. More information about a recent case of BSL legislation in Newell County, Alberta will be posted in the future.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Canada has formed a committee whose sole purpose is to fight BSL across Canada.

Why should you care?

Breed Specific Legislation, or BSL, is the legislative mechanism that politicians utilize when they fear for their constituents safety and don't know what else to do to make residents feel safe. The Responsible Ownership Campaign, or ROC, is the other side of that coin.

People who support the ROC believe that no specific breed is inherently bad or prone to aggression. They believe that a Chinese Crested is no more a breed for everyone than is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Responsible breeders understand this concept as well and only place puppies in homes that are appropriate for the given breed. Responsible breeders interview potential puppy people. They stress the importance of training, socialization and how dogs are different from humans. They want to see how your children interact with the dogs.

BSL's only defense is education. This is where the Dog Legislation Council of Canada comes in. The DLCC's goal is to help legislators create balanced, non-prejudicial dog bylaws.

What's the worst that could happen?

Aside from falsely spiking insurance rates, BSL in its most base state means annihilation of certain breeds. It is happening as we speak in other countries, regardless of whether those canine companions are gentle, trained as therapy dogs or even heroes.

Photos of industrial garbage bins full of banned breeds are the only remaining testament of these companion animals. Imagine how you would feel if you were out for a stroll with your family, including your canine companion, and your dog was snatched away from you. Without cause or reason your dog would be sentenced to death and you could do nothing to stop it. In Canada, we still have an opportunity to educate our decision makers regarding responsible owners. Please do your part and be a role model to others. Pick up after your dog. Don't let dogs run free. Socialize and train your dogs from a young age.

To become part of the solution, join the DLCC here:

To actively be a piece of the ROC, always make sure that your own dogs are behaving as good canine citizens!

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